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For those of you asking, I was Indian Captain America! I got lots of sweet compliments and people taking pics—was very worth all the effort!


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❝ Lena Headey always dresses like the head of a vaguely post-apocalyptic punk enclave who has to dress well because the punk enclave demands it but who has clearly barely ground out her cigarette butt on the hand of a willing underling before the picture was taken. ❞

Genevieve Valentine (x)

I am flat serious about this, though:

2014 Emmys - Cocktail hour at the punk enclave, drinking blood-of-my-enemies-tinis and showing off jewelry made from the teeth of all those who partied too hard.

2012 Emmys - peignoir’ed for a quiet evening at home with the punk enclave, sipping moonshine and declaring anarchy.

2011 Emmys - Formalwear for an ambassadorial outing to represent the interests of Punk Enclave on the diplomatic scene. [Her clutch purse carries nothing but four pairs of brass knuckles - one set for her, and one set in case she a) wears out the first set or b) runs across someone cool who could use brass knuckles.]

2013 Emmys - It’s Garden Picnic Day at the punk enclave! (You can tell from the shoes; turns out even a punk enclave wouldn’t wear white after Labor Day.)

300: Rise of an Empire premiere - Casual Friday at the punk enclave.

And the 2014 SAG Awards - The specific but sublime “Oh, we’re posing for more pictures? Well, I hope you look at this dress until you puke, how’s that sound?” Day at the punk enclave.

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i think honestly what amazes me most about all the thin women whining about nicki minaj is that she didn’t even really insult you????? she didn’t call you unattractive or unworthy or ugly she just said “fuck you, i want some fat women out here”

like how whiny and self obsessed are u

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hipster medusa

no more homework pls. ;A; 

Oh my god, this is so cool and amazing! THE SNAKE HAS LITTLE GLASSES!

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—Marie Antoinette (2006)

 Just so everyone is clear, the handsome Black man tutoring Marie Antoinette is Joseph Boulogne, classical musician extraordinaire whose work influenced Mozart’s. This has been your Western music history tidbit of the day. Adieu! 

*just leaves this here*


Chevalier Joseph Boulogne de Saint-Georges

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Sarah FrostDebris

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Nicki Minaj on the message in ‘Anaconda’

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Conrad Jon Godly. Between Heaven and Earth, 2011-12, oil on canvas

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train faces on my morning commute.

This was me this afternoon oh my god

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"Who is this?" "The good-looking guy in the sunglasses at your ten o’clock."

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AUDIO GIFT - Les Misérables, Her Majesty’s Theatre, Melbourne (7pm, August 1st, 2014) - tracked

CAST: Jean Valjean - Simon Gleeson, Javert - Hayden Tee, Fantine - Patrice Tipoki, Madame Thénardier - Lara MulcahyThénardier - Trevor AshleyÉponine - Kerrie Anne Greenland, Cosette - Emily Langridge, Enjolras - Chris Durling, Marius - Euan Doidge, The Bishop of Digne - Rodney Dobson, Graintaire - Luke Joslin, Little Cosette - Cassidy Bonnor, Gavroche - Jackson Rudge

NOTES: There’s a lot of audios of this production going around already, but the only other tracked one is poor quality; and the two untracked ones I’ve found are alright, but they have a fair bit of talking and whooping from the audience. This one is relatively good. There were some whispering audience members, although it’s not that noticeable. Includes album art, the curtain call, and the outro.

Please like/reblog if you download and DO NOT post outside of tumblr.


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